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Falling for Autumn

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

By: Thomas Doherty

It’s that time of year again! Sweater weather season, pumpkin spice season, and spooky season. Fall is such a glorious time of year, and I for one, am absolutely infatuated with each and every aspect of it. It’s not only my favorite time of the year because of the fun beverages and exciting holidays, but due to all of the opportunities, it provides for marketing and PR strategies as well.

Has a year gone by in recent memory in which the September-October period passed without you hearing the infamous words “pumpkin spice latte?” I didn’t think so. The notorious PSL has held its monopoly over the autumnal season for as long as we can remember. Leading coffee names like Starbucks and Dunkin' milk this beverage for every penny it is worth, and their consumers eat it up (or should I say drink it up) year after year. In August of 2020, both companies preemptively put all of their fall items on the menu, just one example of brands emphasizing the importance of Autumn in their marketing strategies.

Have you begun to notice a chill in the air? Is it colder than you anticipated it would be? Do you wish you were wearing that nice comfy sweater reserved especially for this time of year? The “sweater weather” phenomenon also gets the public excited for the transition into the colder seasons! Clothing brands capitalize on the secondary layer craze this time of year, utilizing the cold weather and the upcoming panic of winter to market their wooly wares to virtually every demographic of shoppers. To celebrate this time of year, millions of people post to Instagram under the hashtag #sweaterweather to show off their fall attire.

Your sweater is perfect for the day-to-day of Autumn, but what will you wear on All Hallows Eve? Halloween is the time of year to show off your creative side with a costume... or two... or three depending on what plans you make! Spirit Halloween, a well-known costume franchise owned by Spencer's, has its stores seemingly pop up out of nowhere. They primarily sell costume supplies and spooky yard decorations and seem to do extraordinarily well, considering the fact that they are only in demand for two months of the year. 

In my opinion, Halloween is the holiday where your social media presence matters the most. How will everyone see your costume(s) unless you post about it? And the formula for branding this during the “Spooky Season” is as simple as creating a few ghastly puns here and there to market your products and get everyone in the haunting holiday spirit! AnyBOOdy can do it!

When it comes down to it, Autumn is the most marketable season of all. Spring? What has she got besides flowers and allergies? Summer? The Fourth of July and the sweltering heat don’t hold a candle to Fall’s wondrous color palette! Winter? Maybe if #hypothermiaseason starts trending! In the meantime, get me a pumpkin spice latte and let me stare at the beautiful colors of Autumn while listening to “Red” by Taylor Swift (a gloriously Fall-centric body of work). When it comes to opportunities in marketing and publicity, there is no better season than Autumn!

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