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Social While Socially Distant

While it’s easy to say we at The Swing are working hard despite quarantine due to COVID-19, working under quarantine is tough. Sitting at a computer through numerous Zoom classes can drive us students insane and make it very difficult to complete schoolwork or sit through a lecture. I know for myself and for many of my peers, social media has been a great outlet to escape the constant loop of schoolwork while stuck at home. It simultaneously serves as a great source of analyzing public relations tools and social media trends for public relations majors such as us.

Utilizing social media tools in between schoolwork has greatly relieved the stress for me and most of my peers, even if it’s a silly post on your Instagram story. For example, I was tagged in a traveling Instagram story post where I was supposed to draw an orange with a happy face and tag several other people to do the same. It’s totally random and out of nowhere, but we need something to do, and at the end of the day it’s cute and silly. In tagging other friends, it invites them to repost with their drawings and invite even more people to just take a break from what they are doing and do something goofy and fun.

Another common trend that is circling Instagram stories right now is bingo sheets. Themed bingo sheets have always been a trend on Instagram stories, but it has become more popular since the quarantine started. They usually fall under categories such as astrology where the tiles list common qualities found in different star signs, I used one on my own story for Taurus. Some more recent categories include sheets for a club or organization to keep people within those circles together. I used a sheet for Hofstra University students that had tiles with things only Hofstra students have experienced or would understand. It’s something to laugh about and appreciate with your friends while you’re stuck inside.

Looking at these trends shows not only how people are coping with COVID-19, but how people brand themselves on social media. For instance, I shared the traveling “draw an orange” story post because I thought it was funny and I like that type of silly stuff to show on my posts. I posted the astrology bingo board because I am interested in astrology and I think that should show on my page. I chose the Hofstra bingo board for the same reason, I am a Hofstra student and I think that is important to include in my personal brand.

Aside from analyzing trends, utilizing social media is a great way of taking breaks throughout the work-filled day, whether you’re a student stressing over a paper or an account executive working from home. It’s very important that we all stay indoors to remain as healthy as we can, both physically and mentally.

Blog Written By: Josh Castronuovo


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