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The Swing Slides Into the Virtual World

In a time of worry and stress, we at The Swing Agency are lucky to be able to transition into a virtual format so seamlessly. COVID-19 is impacting the entire world and causing schools and companies across the globe to go remote. Hofstra University will now be operating fully online, and students are now responsible for completing their coursework virtually.

So, how are we going to do it? With a few essential online tools, we at The Swing Agency are confident that we can work efficiently on the internet to help our clients "swing" forward.


Zoom allows us to meet, collaborate, and produce material for our clients. It is one of the essential tools we use at The Swing Agency to work together virtually.


Slack is a tool that we at The Swing Agency have used all year long, even before working remotely. Slack allows us to communicate as an agency, private message account executives and researchers, and create small groups to discuss specific plans for each of our clients. It is essential to online collaboration and helps us confidently share and work together on ideas.

Google Suite

Google Suite is another tool we were using long before working remotely. Google Suite allows the agency to create interactive documents, spreadsheets, slides, calendars, forms, and much more. This is the primary space where teams are collaborating and generating ideas for our clients. No matter where we are located, we can all come together on these apps.

So- Now what?

As the working world waits out the spread of the Coronavirus, and powers up their home computers each morning, companies and schools are turning to learning these online tools to create a productive workday from home. The Swing Agency is thrilled that we have been utilizing these tools for some time, so we can slide right back into where we left off- brainstorming and generating content for our clients!

Blog Written By: Delaney Barac


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