Jenna Katz

Account Executive

Jenna Katz is a senior at Hofstra University from New York City, majoring in public relations and minoring in philosophy. She is currently an account executive for the Swing Agency and an active member of her sorority, Alpha Epsilon Phi, in which she has held the position of PR chair. After she graduates, she hopes to earn a master’s degree in fashion studies, gaining a greater knowledge of the fashion industry and potentially using this to pursue a career in fashion PR. She loves the creative aspect of PR and is eager to deepen and cultivate her creative skills and collaborate within the Swing Agency as well as put to use everything she has learned over the past 4 years.

Favorite PR Blunder: One of the most memorable PR fails was in 2017 when Adidas sent out an email to everyone who had completed the Boston Marathon congratulating them for finishing the race. However, the subject title for the email read “Congrats you survived!” which was a very poor choice of words knowing that the Boston Marathon bombing had only been a few years prior.