Stephanie Russo

Executive for The Swing Agency
Executive for Idea HUb: My College Timeline
Executive for QDM Enterprises

Hi!  My name is Stephanie and I’m a junior Public Relations major at Hofstra University. Originally a transfer student from Nassau Community College, I find myself more inspired than ever to pursue PR as a career since enrolling in my program. Although The Swing is my first official internship, I’ve been doing freelance publicity since December 2020 for an environmental non-profit organization in Brookhaven, NY called CEED.  

Outside of school—when not bussing tables or behind a register—I find a good book or guitar practice brings me peace of mind. Though I’m not entirely set on entering a particular industry, I feel a career in corporate communications might be a good fit for me personally. I hope my time at The Swing allows me to develop my strategic writing skills and see our clients expand their reach.