Tyler Platt

Account Supervisor

Tyler Platt is a senior public relations major at Hofstra University with a minor in creative writing. After graduating he hopes to work with marine life charities and nonprofits. The once vice-president of a poetry club that sadly went defunct during the pandemic, he still reads and writes regularly. He is passionate about telling stories, which is what got him into PR in the first place. He also hates writing in the third person. As account supervisor for the Ascend Long Island account, he cannot wait to put his skills to use on something other than classwork.

Favorite PR blunder: Pabst Blue Ribbon tweeting about instead of “dry january” (a movement meant to help recovering alcoholics) there should be a “wet january”, i.e. buying their beer. Following that controversy they then tweeted “Not drinking this january? Try eating a**” except they didn’t censor themselves. Clearly perplexed by the whole social media thing, they then deleted everything and tweeted “Beer” and then didn’t touch their Twitter for 2 weeks.