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Graduating College…Now What?

by Taylor Riller

Seniors at Hofstra have less than 30 days before crossing the big stage and officially closing out their undergraduate college experience. If you didn’t know, majority of the Swing are seniors, so we are apart of the #GradClub. For the past four years, we have been secure in knowing what our summers will look like when we complete a spring semester, but this time it’s different. We’ll officially be adulting; some of us are moving to a new state, starting new jobs, and some of us have no clue what is going on. Don’t worry, no matter where you fall on this spectrum, we have 5 tips that will help you navigate this new transition into the “real world.”

Tip #1: Take some time to unwind

You are perfectly OK if you do not have a job the day after graduation. Take this opportunity to unwind and relax after a long four years of hard work. We have somehow developed the habit of needing to be productive every minute of the day, which is just not true. If you have the chance to take a break and spend some much-needed time with friends or family, or to focus on your mental health, do so. Money and job opportunities will always come back, but time will not, so use it wisely while you can.

Tip #2: Research

Since we are all on various paths, research may look different for each of us, but it is an essential component for all of us. If you are starting a new job, you may want to do some research about your new employer or get a head start on introducing yourself to your new coworkers. Are you at a crossroads in your journey and unsure what you want to do? Explore different careers that correspond with your present passions. For example, if you enjoy fashion, are there any shops in need of public relations services? When you take a few hours out of your day to explore the unknown, you can discover the possibilities.

Tip #3: Take a free online course

Taking an online course that results in a certification will not only keep your skills sharp before your next move, but it will also beef up your resume, so that’s a win-win. There are several free courses available for recent graduates. Some suggestions might be:

Tip 4: Find a peer-mentor

This is the time to find a mentor and maintain contact if you did not do so as an undergraduate student, but this time seek for someone close in age. The truth is that no one fully knows what they are doing, and it is far simpler to maintain a connection with someone who can not only supply you with guidance but can also relate to you in your present situation. Finding a peer-mentor, whether they are your age or four years older, will not only keep you encouraged to continue on your own path, but it will also open you up to fresh ideas that you may not have considered previously.

Tip #5: LIVE

This is the simplest and most important advice. LIVE....JUST LIVE. Every aspect of your life does not have to be planned and timed. Life is designed to be lived rather than controlled. Allow opportunities and experiences to come to you because you do not miss out on anything that is meant for you. Use your newfound freedom and degree to build the life you desire, but don't force it. Continue to be awesome and show up as yourself because it has got you this far... and it will continue to work.

Congratulations, Class of 2022! We hope that these tips help you with your transition out of college. Now go out there and give life your best SWING!

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