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Long Island Advocate

  • Developed several social media posts, including the Writer of the Week reels and promoting graphics of the newly released published stories in the paper 

  • Three newsletters were sent via MailChimp, which featured three stories and a staff writer

  • Produced a horizontal promo for the Hofcast

Leauge of Womens Voters

  • Successfully developed, recorded, and broadcasted all three completed Public Service Announcements on Hofstras #1 Radio Station WRHU

  • Conducted a voter drive by Tabling at the Hofstras Division 1 volleyball teams match on Saturday, October 28th. The Swing Agency created graphics and promotional posts to attract and engage the audience to register to vote

  • Our agency consistently created three social media posts each week


  • Designed graphics for social media, such as “Week of a Florist,” “Weddings Fridays,” and “Flower of the Week” campaigns

  • Promoted a free pumpkin painting event through social media. This took place on Sunday, October 29 

  • Organized a Couples Night through press releases, posts, and catering 

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