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How The Swing Agency Compares to Internships

By Gillian Santos

When it comes to any communication major, internships are key to getting hands-on experience. Not only is it a great way to transition into your career, it’s also a helpful addition to your resume. Like any other public relations major, I jumped on the opportunity to get an internship but what I didn’t know was how comparable The Swing Agency was to that type of experience.

At Hofstra, The Swing Agency is the closest you can get to an internship experience on campus. As explained in the introductory blog posts, the student-led agency works directly with clients to develop promotional strategies and social content for the brand. On a day-to-day basis, the team writes press releases for client announcements, meets with clients to discuss new ideas and creates graphics for social platforms such as Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook.

As account supervisor of Voices4Everyone, I am the point person when it comes to communicating with the client. From sending emails to leading meetings, I work closer with the direct client than most students are able to during internships. While internships may be made up of small tasks, The Swing Agency gives you the opportunity to experience a higher level of authority in an agency environment. The Swing Agency has opened my eyes to a new set of skills needed when it comes to directly speaking with clients. In the meetings we’ve held I’ve learned how to effectively communicate ideas, interpret feedback and redirect the team to accomplish our long term goals.

One of the most exciting moments I’ve had at The Swing Agency was when PRSA and PRSSA national posted a graphic we have created. It was so fulfilling to see our strategies come full circle after countless brainstorms, meetings and edits. My experience handling this client has increased my confidence when it comes to frontrunning any professional projects.

In comparison to my internship experience, The Swing Agency has taught me the same level of skills, if not more. The class allows you to be hands-on from the second the semester begins. Whether you take the class to help prepare for an internship or as additional experience, The Swing Agency is an easy way for any communications major to sharpen skills crucial to the industry.

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