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Three Student Organizations to Join to Make Your Resume Stand Out In Your Next Interview

While education and classes is a very important and overall key way to develop your skills as a PR pre-professional, it is also important to bring these to practical use whether that be in internships or in student organizations on campus. Here are three student organizations you can join to bring your skills to use outside of the classroom. Joining these organization will help you build connections with your fellow peers while adding some extra experience to your resume for your next interview.

PRSSA is the student sector of PRSA that has allowed PR pre-professionals to form connections while sharpening their skills since its founding in 1967. PRSSA has offered its students and members with educational programs and scholarships as well as resources and connections with internships and future job opportunities through workshops and conferences. Due paying members can also gain access to PRSA JobCenter and the PRSSA internship center. After graduation, you can join PRSA for just sixty dollars a year. Click here to watch the Hofstra PRSSA recruitment video.

#2: Your School NewsPaper

Believe it or not your school paper isn't just for Journalism students but also Public Relations students as well. It’s perfect for learning the beginning skills of how to develop media relationships with fellow pre-professionals. You can also learn how media outlets accept pitches for potential topics and cover stories. It also gives you the opportunity to see the editorial role of the newswriting. Here at Hofstra University, there a two greta options to publish your work. You can submit your work to the Long Island Advocate, a Community News Alternative or you can join The Hofstra Chronicle.

#3: Zeta Phi Eta

Zeta Phi Eta is a co-ed fraternity for pre-professionals in Communications. Through joining, students will gain access to career opportunities, workshops, seminars and guest speakers. The organization is focused on building lasting relationships with those with similar interests and future career goals as well give students the opportunity to gain real insight into the communications industry.

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