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What We've Done at The Swing This Semester

Welcome to the final blog post from the Spring 2022 Swing Agency! Another semester has come and gone here at the Swing, and it has definitely been a productive one. As many of you may know, we took on Ascend Long Island and PRSA’s Voices4Everyone as our clients this semester.

Ascend Long Island strives to support local small and diverse businesses, while Voices 4 Everyone aims to provide people with the resources they need to combat disinformation and keep themselves educated. Throughout the semester, we worked hard to create new and cohesive content to grab the attention of our clients’ audiences. Here are just a few examples of the pieces of social media content we generated for Voices 4 Everyone:

And here are a few posts we created for Ascend Long Island:

For Voices 4 Everyone, our main focus was creating graphic content to get word of their goals and mission out to the public. Through sharing content on PRSA social media accounts, Voices 4 Everyone grabbed the attention of a larger audience and definitely gained more traction. Voices 4 Everyone taught us a lot about working with an organization that has very strong and relevant messages. The staff we worked with were passionate about what they do, and that was really inspiring to us.

However, creating graphic content was not the only thing we did. For Ascend Long Island, we created a brand guide, filmed Instagram reels, interviewed previous cohort members (and posted highlights of them!), wrote LinkedIn articles and a press release, generated a media list, and more. As a public relations major, I learned a lot from working with Ascend Long Island and I definitely feel more confident in my skills acquired from my experience with them. We loved working with Ascend Long Island and really appreciated Terri Arnold-McKenzie’s faith in us, and she is definitely dedicated to uplifting small and diverse businesses. Terri is the Program Manager of Ascend, and she was super motivated and enthusiastic about the cause. We absolutely loved working with her.

We also had some of our own PR to do for the Swing Agency to get more students involved. We decided to revive the blogs, as you can see, and each of us at the Swing wrote our own blog post. We also recorded a podcast and generated new posts for our Instagram account. On our website, which we revamped a bit, you can also find each of our personal profiles, where you can learn a little more about each of us!

The end of the semester is definitely bittersweet for us. We learned a lot through our time with the Swing Agency, and I think I can speak for all of us when I say this course was super beneficial. Prior to this semester, I was not really confident in my skills when it came to generating content and communicating with real clients, but the Swing Agency gave me the experience I really needed to believe in myself a little more. While the rest of the Swing Agency are seniors on their way out of Hofstra, I still have one more semester here, and I will definitely be taking on an internship next semester. The Swing Agency most definitely gave me more confidence, and I’ve gotten the feeling that I won’t be so anxious walking into an internship.

A little shameless self-promo: JOIN THE SWING AGENCY! It may seem intimidating, but there is plenty to learn from working with real clients as well as your fellow classmates. Professor Semple is also an awesome professor and was constantly advocating for us. The good news for you is that she will be the professor for the course this fall as well, so you should totally be jumping at the chance to join. I don’t want to get too repetitive here, but really, I cannot stress enough how much this course taught me!

So it seems we’ve reached the end here. We hope you guys have enjoyed viewing our content, because we definitely had a great time making it. As always, we’ll catch you on the upswing.

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